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And start producing flawless multilingual – multimedia eBooks to be read on the most popular devices.

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And start your personal “eBook printing machine”

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Special characters: Dot (.) Comma (,) Ampersand (&) only

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And start your personal “eBook printing machine”

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Please fill out our registration form on the left. Fields with an * must be completed in addition to accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA) to complete registration. After completing the form, click the submit button below.
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Open your confirmation email with the subject: “Your eBooks in Motion Registration as …” and check all your account data.

Please keep this email, as it contains the link to your agreement (Publishers and Resellers only).
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You will get another email with a link to our password creation page. Enter your password twice and click on the “submit” icon.
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  • How 2 Tutorials (Preparation and Production Instructions)
  • Free eBook Samples (Multilingual, Multimedia e-Publications)
  • Publisher and Reseller Contracts


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